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Become a Blair Cooling System OEM partner, and unlock a worry-free solution. Whether you’re a reseller or supplier, we take care of supplying the product information, specifications, and installation guidance. Count on our support, as we provide you with top-notch products and valuable insights to ensure your journey to success. Join us today, and together, we’ll pave the way to a successful tomorrow.

Event Supply &
Rental Service

We provide event supplies for rental, exclusively available in Penang Island and Penang Mainland. We guarantee a wonderful service for each of our clients.

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Select our basic package
and add on what you need to suit your function

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Choose our super value
package to get more complete event supply set

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Customize your own plan to fit your need and

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Set a short-term & long-term rental solution
with us

About Us

Over 30 years of industry expertise, supplying machinery and building materials. Committed to sustainability, offering greener, cost-efficient solutions like the signature BL Air Cooling system series, our product of continuous R&D. We highly prioritize customer experiences & satisfaction.

Our Benefits

Energy Saving

BLAir™ Cooling System costs about 20% less than traditional AC, suitable for low voltage areas.

Environmental Friendly

BLAir™ present significant environmental friendly with no release Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and zero heat.

Great Cooling Effect

BLAir™ refined the natural law of the ventilation in efficiency reducing the surrounding temperature in 4-10ºC

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