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BL Thomson Sdn Bhd, a recognized cooling system Malaysia, is excited to introduce its ground-breaking BL Air cooling system. This revolutionary approach provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to typical air cooler systems. BL Air is especially well-suited for Malaysia’s hot and arid climate because it uses a water evaporation mechanism.

This Design & Build Page is a detailed resource that delves into the technical specifications and features of BL Air. Here, you’ll find the ideal cooling system for your specific needs. Explore the page and learn why BL Air as a air cooler system supplier is ready to change the air cooler scene in Malaysia.

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Farm & Agriculture

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A Cost-Effective Cooling System

For large commercial spaces battling the heat, commercial air cooling systems offer a powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning. Unlike their counterparts, these systems utilize a natural cooling process – water evaporation. 

They draw in hot air, pass it through water-soaked pads where evaporation absorbs heat, and then expel the cooled air back into the space. This eco-friendly approach creates a comfortable environment without demanding high energy consumption. Particularly well-suited for hot and dry climates, commercial air cooling systems are ideal solutions for warehouses, factories, and restaurants.

Commercial cooling system
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The Industrial Cool Answer

Conventional air conditioning can be expensive for vast industrial spaces. Here’s where BL Air steps in! Our industrial air cooling system provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for factories, warehouses, and large halls.

BL Air utilizes water evaporation to cool the air, delivering superior performance and a comfortable working environment for your employees. This translates to improved productivity and morale.

BL Air boasts exceptional design and quality, ensuring optimal cooling at minimal installation and operating costs. Plus, it offers fresh, humidified air with excellent ventilation, keeping your industrial space cool and worry-free.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Farm

BL Air Cooling Systems understand the importance of ventilation in a successful greenhouse. Our systems go beyond just cooling – they create the ideal environment for your plants and livestock.

BL Air® provides a comfortable temperature, high humidity, and excellent ventilation – all crucial for healthy growth and preventing heat stress. Our systems leverage fresh air and innovative EC pads to efficiently cool and humidify the surrounding environment.

Backed by experienced engineers, BL Air offers expert advice and customized solutions to ensure optimal performance and maximize value for your farm or agricultural operation.

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Beat the Heat with BL Air Residential Air Coolers

BL Air residential air coolers offer a refreshing alternative to traditional air conditioning for your home. These innovative units utilize a natural cooling process – water evaporation. Warm air is drawn in and passed through water-soaked pads, where the evaporating water absorbs heat, creating a cool and comfortable breeze. Compared to air conditioners, BL Air coolers are significantly more energy-efficient, lowering your electricity bills and environmental impact. With quiet operation, easy maintenance, and a variety of models like the BL-M-I30 to suit different needs, BL Air residential air coolers can transform your home into a cool and comfortable haven during hot weather.

Craving a different kind of cool? BL Thomson Sdn Bhd goes beyond just cooling systems. We understand that sometimes a refreshing solution isn’t about blasting cold air. That’s why we offer a variety of innovative products beyond traditional cooling. Head over to our website and discover our signature product! It might just be the surprise you’ve been looking for to create a cool and comfortable environment in a whole new way. Trust us, it’s a breath of fresh air (without the chill!).