How Our Air Cooler Works


BLAir® works on natural water evaporation principle that able to decline the surrounding temperature effectively, creating a comfortable and desirable space for activities. BLAir® provides you the most cost and energy effective method for temperature cooling in tropical climate. Water evaporation is a natural phenomenon in our daily life and BLAir® has managed to capture the benefit of this natural phenomenon by applying the principle into BLAir® cooling system. The application of quality EC pad made of multi-layered honeycomb natural wood fiber in BLAir® cooling system enable huge water absorption capacity and thus, maximize the cooling effect by transforming hot air to cold air. BLAir®’s products are all environmental friendly as they are strictly CFC free. Besides offering good cooling effect, BLAir® is also able to introduce fresh air into a closed space and filter out hazardous dust and air pollutants from entering the designated space.

Cooler working process How Our Air Cooler Works B.L. Thomson Cooling System


Benefits of BLAir Cooling System

Energy Conservation The operation and running cost of BLAir™ Cooling System is approximately save less that 20% of refrigerated air conditioning system (in the same capacity of air cooling system). BLAir™ Cooling System also suitable to work in low voltage areas. Environmental Friendly BLAir™ present significant environmental friendly with no release Cholorofluorocarbon (CFC) and zero heat. Regulate Humidity Level and increase air exchange rate BLAir™ able to regulate the humidity level in high temperature working environment. Meanwhile, improve the closed area ventilation by increasing the O2 concentration with decreasing the CO2 level. Great Cooling Effect BLAir™ refined the natural law of the ventilation in efficiency reducing the surrounding temperature in 4-10ºC

Comparison 1 How Our Air Cooler Works B.L. Thomson Cooling System